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Onna Bugeisha                                                              



 ~ In a world engaged in war, one young girl faces her own battle… to become a legend ~

She was as adept on the battlefield as any horseman. After the Genpei war, she disappeared into the annals of time. No one knows where she came from. No one knows where she went. Yet after nine centuries, the legend is still sung. Inspired by Tomoe Gozen of the Heike, this could be the story of any of the many women warriors, not uncommon in feudal Japan. Onna Bugeisha follows the journey of a young girl, as she grows into a brilliant warrior… and beyond. After a devastating attack on her village, she makes a transformational journey into womanhood, with the assistance of Master Sohei, a warrior monk. On the path to enlightenment, she learns the art of warfare, and becomes a master of the sword and of horsemanship. She also masters the heart of an honorable warrior, whom she comes to fight side-by-side with on the battlefield. Onna is a story born of the past and resonating now and into the foreseeable future. Shooting the film in historic Japan, this film will draw from the architecture of the times and the amazing beauty of the area.

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Those People

(Scripted TV Pilot and Episodic)


~Rewriting history one weekend at a time~

A regiment of well-meaning but often misguided historic buffs re-creates history as they go through daily life their small town. From mule days to preparing for the next reenactment, anything can come out of the woodwork!




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